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My talented friends at Last Chance Myu (http://www.starnighindustries.com/LastChance/), a Sailor Moon Sera Myu performance group, wished to put together a group of the sailor scouts and needed a Venus, so I happily volunteered to model for them! The outfits from the musicals are very over the top, glittery, and made for the stage so all the audience can see them this costume is incredibly well made, and so detailed just like the musicals, its crazy. Happily, Yunie joined in as Mercury, so we had a grand ol time! I only made the shoes, since Venus was completed quite a while ago for LCM stage performance. I found a good pair of heels at a second-hand store and spray-painted them orange, then sealed with several layers of gloss to make sure I had the most obnoxious pair of orange heels ever! This costume was such a wonderful experience to wear, especially with all the sailor scouts we could not stop ourselves from being silly and having fun! Im so grateful to Patti and Steph for allowing me to wear their baby. <3

Photos 1-34 credited to Eurobeat King and photo 35 credited to Cosplayshots.com.


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