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Takarazuka is an all-women’s Japanese theater with 5 troupes and a variety of Eastern and Western productions. Quite a few friends of mine have made Takarazuka outfits and are big fans of the Revue, so when they finally convinced me to sit down and watch a few of the shows, I fell in love with Vronsky from the 2001 Snow production of the Russian classic Anna Karenina. It’s one of my favorite classic novels, and their interpretation of the well known characters were both elegant and intriguing. Recreate an attractive Russian nobility playboy? Yes please. I used references from the 2001 Snow troupe production, but since they appeared to have used the same props and uniforms in the 2008 Star troupe show, I looked to those for details as well. The coat was made out of 80% wool suiting purchased in Copenhagen that was so soft, I didn’t bother lining the coat (considering time restraints), it was patterned using a pre-made pattern I had made many years ago that I altered to fit tighter on the chest and arms. The velvet pants were pre-owned, altered and embellished. I used 5 different types of gold trim between the coat, pants, and epaulettes, all machine or hand sewn. All the trim except the front panels are embellished with sequins, and the sleeves, collar, and epaulettes are covered in Swarovski crystals and rhinestones. I absolutely could not find decently priced war medal replicas in the same style, so I ended up making my own out of jewelry pendants, rhinestones, and painted craft foam. The lace front wig was provided and styled by the wonderful Klytaemnestra, who also did the makeup. I pumped the outfit out in under 2 weeks after returning from Europe, so it was initially a little rushed, but I was very proud of how it turned out, and was a joy to wear. Wearing it around with KurzesHaar and Klytaemnestra’s outfits – despite being from a different play – was so much fun, and getting creeped on by Char in Death! Also, rhinestone eyelashes bring all the girls to the yard. Before the next time I wear this I’d like to add even more bling and possibly reinforce the epaulettes.

Photos 1-2 credited to Usagichan.com, photos 3-4 credited to Judith Stephens, photo 5 credited to Anna Fischer, photo 6 credited to Joseph Lin, photo 7 credited to Jessie Pridemore, and photos 8-9 credited to LJinto.


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