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A super ghetto, super last minute costume to wear with PinkBunnie’s Wonder Woman. I started doing research for the different variations of Cassandra’s outfits, and was most intrigued with the art of Ed Benes and his take on her – but liked the blue jeans in Michael Turner’s version, so I mixed the two. This was…interesting to make. The shirt was patterned with the help of PinkBunnie, and the eagle drawn out matching Ed Benes’ art, cut out of craft foam, sealed with Gesso, and spray painted gold. The arm bands were made from leftover Wonderflex, Gesso’ed, spray painted, and velcro glued on. The pants were pre-owned, the lasso is kind of non-existent, and I went through two wigs for it at con (the first an Alicia from Cosworx, the second a super soft, curly wig from EpicCosplay). It was literally made the night/morning before we left to Fanime, so I’m actually surprised it didn’t fall apart in my luggage or something. lol However, it was surprisingly fun to wear, and my first DC costume! I love how beautiful Pinkbunnie looked in WW, and both costumes probably got the most recognition of all our costumes worn there – good to see old school fans!

Photos 1-7 credited to Sojian, photo 8 credited to Jason of i360.com, photo 9 credited to ACParadise.com, and photos 10-17 credited to Eurobeat King.


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