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This was a great costume, I love it. It's my favorite costume by far. I did the entire thing on my own, except the spear and the boots. My mom helped with the boots for the same reason she did the Tin Nyanko costume; I just lacked the time to do it. The spear was a group effort of my mom, my dad, and I. My favorite part of the costume was the hat; except when it kept getting dinged up due to it falling off my head. The wig was horrible and the nose smelled gross, but that's not my fault. ^.^; This costume has won several awards, including 3rd Place at Nan Desu Kan 2004, Best in Show in Novice Division at MileHiCon 2004, 2nd Place Group Fantasy Division at Starfest 2005, and Best Video Game at Anime Oasis 2005.

Photos 1-3 credited to Consplayers.com and photo 5 credited to Eurobeat King.


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