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I first heard about Hetalia: Axis Powers from my friend Ellome's LJ. At the time, it was an online comic that anthropomorphized countries of the world into human stereotypes and did humorous comics based on their interactions. I completely fell in love with America/Alfred Jones. I knew that I wanted to cosplay him, so I planned on Famine, so that I could play with Ellome being England.

Plans changed when Ringo and Makoto from http://www.paper-wings.org and I were trying to pick out costumes for our trip to Winter Comiket in Tokyo. For various reasons, we had to scrap our first idea of Code Geass and find something else. So, Ringo and Makoto suggested that we do Hetalia. In true me fashion, I was sewing right up to when I left to catch my plane. In fact, this outfit kind of has two stages in that it really didn't get finished completely until Fanime, although the first time I wore it was at Winter KomiKet 08.

America-kun's outfit is loosely based off of a generic American uniform during WW2. The stupid bomber jacket started the whole thing, when Ellome happened to trip over it in a thrift store. The top and pants are made of a twill. One of my fun little details I got to put into this costume is that the buttons on the shirt pockets mimic the star on the bomber jacket. There are also five gold stars on the epaulets of the top, since the last five star general in America was during WW2. The top is fashioned from a Folkwear pattern for Australian outback outfit while the pants were a regular Simplicity pants pattern. Tie, shirt, boots, and gloves were things I already had running around my cosplay closet. The wig is truly a love-hate relationship; everyone seems to love it and I just loathe it.

This costume has a lot of good memories associated with it, since cosplaying in Japan was one of my favorite cosplay memories ever. Hetalia was wildly popular when we went to KomiKet and the other Hetalia fans treated us like we were the Beatles (screaming when we came around the corner and everything). I also just have a lot of fun with Alfred, even though he's got horrible faults. Being a history geek and having a deep appreciation of American culture, there really is no downside for me.

Photos 1-10 by Usagichan.com, photos 11-20 by Eurobeat King, photos 25-30, 38-47 by Darkain.com, photos 31-37 by DarkenedWings, photo 48 by DarkJediKnight, and photos 50-51 credited to Jetspectacular.


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