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Since Hetalia is basically based off of actual history, I tried to make the outfit as historically accurate as possible. Himura's design for America most closely resembled the uniform specifications of artillery, so I used costume plates of artillery officers and records of uniforms and clothing of that time period for reference. The shirt was made of bleached muslin and patterns from a historical pattern by JP Ryan. I did not put the ruffles on the cuffs because cuffs on a sleeve symbolized that the owner did not work this his hands. Since the colonies were mostly agriculture at this point, I thought that was vastly inappropriate. The pants are drop-front breeches patterned from another JP Ryan historical pattern and made from bleached linen. The 15 buttons are simple plastic white ones so they weren't too distracting. Both Ellome and I wanted to have a patterned material for the vest to break up all the white, so we chose a simple white-on-cream jacquard from JoAnn. It was patterned off of a Smoke and Fire military vest pattern. The coat was the real beast of this costume, both in finding the material and making. The coat is made of a specific dye for the correct country and time period colors. Because all of the countries basically used the same style of uniform, uniform colors and slight changes helped define different soldiers on the battlefield. The wool for my coat was imported from two different locations to get the proper Continental colors, the lining is bleached muslin. I used the Smoke and Fire Revolutionary Coat pattern. The sewing was actually not very complicated to sew since everything of the time was sewn by hand. The coat was tailored in a muslin form before sewing the final coat. The buttons were metal gilt. The buttons on actual historical uniforms were stamped with the regimental numbers, but I decided to keep mine blank since America would have been in all of them. The cotton stockings, leather garters and shoes were all purchased. The cartridge boxes, bayonet holsters, and weaponry were all borrowed from friends.

Photos 1-17 credited to Vasilion Photography and photo 18 credited to Eurobeat King.


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