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I'm not gonna lie, I mostly made this outfit for Sparkle Pipsi and the rest of the girls doing the PreCure Army at Anime Expo 2015. I did like Fortune's character and design, plus is seemed one of the least crazy pants wig designs. The costume was actually fairly easy, almost deceptively so. I struggled for a while on how to get the vest to not be shapeless and the WIG was nightmare level. I wefted two wigs together just for the ponytail section and while I thought I had anchored it enough, it obviously had other ideas. Unfortunately, the gathering was after a 9 hour working day at the con and I was having major wig problems, so there aren't too many photos of this outfit. I did have fun though, exhaustion and hangry aside, and I hope I can fix her up to give it another go the next time the army assembles. <3

All photos credited to Darkain.


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