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Why do Takarazuka costumes always take me years to make? This one was due to my own stupidity than actual skill though. I started this costume in 2007, to be my entry in AX's Masquerade Ball. I'd always loved Der Tod's Last Dance outfit, and I figured I could easily pass him off as Alucard from Castlevania to go with the horror theme of the ball. But I cut myself WWWAAYY too short on time, and as such the costume was only about 60% done when I did wear it at AX that year. I was so disappointed in how I hadn't gotten it done in time that I didn't touch it for years.

Until Fanime '09, when a friend of mine who has an Elisabeth cosplay was going to be at the same con as I was. Since I was desperately trying to not have to make anything completely new for Fanime, Der Tod seemed like a great thing to finally finish up. Now it's pretty much done, even though I never made the epaulets because I didn't like them.

The jacket and pants are made from low-pile upholstery velvet and gold ribbon for the edging, taken from a Butterick Civil War pattern. The buttons, collar medallions, and belt bucket were all hand painted from pewter to gold. The designs on the sleeves were pinned and then sewn on by hand. The entire costume is lined which makes it SO much nicer to wear. I fudged on the boots too and just used a pair I already had. The wig was a pain, because it originally came with beautiful curls, but then I looked at it wrong and turned it into a frizzy mess. The MANCURLS were put back in using a curling iron, hair blow dryer and a snot ton of AquaNet.

Photo 1 credited to Usagichan.com, photos 2-14 credited to Eurobest King, and photos 15-23 credited to Angelic Thread.


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