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I'd managed to avoid doing idols for so long but I suppose with how many of my friends were into it, it was only a matter of time. The relatively easy design of this outfit plus the fact that my friends literally shipped me nearly all the materials and notions made it pretty hard to say no. Because of various reasons, I actually ended up being the only one who finished but it was fun having friends be way more excited about me finally making an idol outfit than I think I was. That definitely made it all worth it in the end. Although having Genri hunt me down like a wounded gazelle on the Serengeti for photographic proof I actually idoled was ever so slightly worrisome. Part of the reason I was talked into doing the Cutie Panther outfit was it's relative ease in construction. It's roughly based off of the live concert versions, which are roughly based off the cards. Or maybe the cards are based off of the live versions. Either way, the details are different between the version so that gave me an appealing amount of room for my own personal creativity. The white under-dress I basically just chose an a-line short dress as everything but the top is hidden under the massive skirt(s). I chose a duchess satin so that it would have a luster to it without being shiny. The flowers and "necklace" were stitched to the bodice top like they are in the live version, probably because the girls didn't want to be smacked in the face by them when they're projectilely launched onto the stage at the beginning of the song. A short petticoat is worn under the underdress to give it some support and frills (which are also very common for many live idol outfits). The sheer skirts are four layers of lunar organza that Nightkinks picked up from the fabric district in LA; two layers of white and two layers of black. Each layer is hemmed with stiff horse hair and then attached to the belt. The belt was hand ruched (because gathering sequin fabric is a special kind of hell), supported by some sew-in boning in the front and velcros closed in the back, where the tail attaches. The belt fabric was procured by Barricuda from Spandex House in New York. The hand ruffles are pleated organza gathered into scrunchies that are then worn over lace gloves. The wig is a bit more of a yellow-blond than I am used to wearing but it went really well with the other hair colors at the gathering. Pretty much able to wear it right out of the bag! Probably should style the bangs eventually though.

Photos 1-3 credited to Quantum Destiny.


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