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Okay, so I can't look at this costume without giggling a little. The Ichidan cosplay group from Idaho had asked us to help out with their performance at Fandemonium, and Koi/Yunie and I agreed to help. We were originally going to try to do all the inner senshi but for various reasons, she and I were the only ones who could go. So we thought Mars and Moon would be fun. The not-really inside joke is that I am quite a bit taller than Koi/Yunie, so the running joke was that we would carry around a sign that said: "Height not to scale." That and my personality is wildly different than Sailor Moon's but I was still excited to do the character.

But in true Fandemonium fashion (or maybe just my fashion?) this costume ended up being REALLY last minute. Koi/Yunie had thankfully found a pattern that worked perfectly, but I had to haul my sewing machine up to Idaho to finish up the costume the day before. The wings were two pairs that Koi/Yunie had bought from a local costume shop. The wig was actually a Misha wig from a costume I had received from a friend.

I've only worn this costume once, but I'm sure I'll be able to convince Koi to wear her Mars with me again sometime.

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