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This was another case of "Oo I want to play with that group!" Which is bad, by the way. Playing with others is fine but make last minute additions to your cosplay list for a con that is supposed to be laid back is not a good idea. I was originally just going to be a stage ninja for some friends who were competing in the Fanime '09 Masq as a Magic Knight Rayearth group. Then I was told that if I wanted to, I could make a costume and take photos with them the next day. As fate would have it, Ferio was really the only major character not taken and was also the only one I thought I could make in the two weeks I had left before Fanime.

I once again had the pants, shoes, and undershirt already for the outfit. Which left the tunic, gloves, wig, wrapping and armor. The wig, gloves and wrappings were all a matter of just buying the stuff. The tunic was made of yellow quilters fabric (because really, what other fabric is eye frying yellow?) and was patterned off a Simplicity Mens Rennisance tunic before being altered. The black trim was hem facing and the triangles were more quilter's fabric attached with HeatNBond. The armor is good ol' painted fun foam. I also got to wear the pair of yellow colored contacts I had picked up in Japan for the first time, although they did not come out as much as I'd hoped.

Photos 3-4 by Asianschoolboy.com, photos 5-10 by Eurobeat King, photos 11-13 by Darkain.com, and photos 14-15 by Consplayers.com.


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