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So far in my costuming career, Fersen is the biggest labor of love. A couple of my friends posted about a new thing they were into, an all-female dancing, singing and acting troupe in Japan called Takarazuka. I asked if I could come over to watch some. After a weekend full of sparkles and beautiful women, I fell in love with this costume. It's completely hand-beaded and took about a year to complete. It's still my baby and I'm really looking forward to my next Takarazuka costume. This costume has won Best in Show in the Advanced Costume Category at MileHiCon 2005, Overall Best in Show at Starfest 2006, and King of the Ball at Anime Expo 2006.

Photos 1 and 2 by MileHiCon and Photos 3-15 by Digital Dreams Photography.


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