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Sailor Moon R is my favorite of the three movies and God knows a cape goes a long way to convincing me to make an outfit. I actually had a lot of fun with the details on this outfit and being able to wear it with a wide range of other Moonie outfits. The pants and base of the jacket were made from stretch sateen, which is pretty much my favorite material for white sportswear. I wanted some contrast for the dark blue vines so I used a shiny material that was then appliqued to the coat with Wonder Under and satin stitching. The shoulder guards are made from good ol' fun foam. The part I spent the most time on was definitely the Xenian flower. A cake topper doll was ideal to start with as it's lighter and smaller than a Barbie, not to mention only the half a body, which is what I needed. I took out her short hair and rewefted with loose curly doll hair that I colored pink. I also repainted her body and face and also painted a lily to match the unique petal design from the movie.

Photos 1-5 credited to UtopiaHound and photos 6-8 credited to Quantum Destiny.


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