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I had heard enough horror stories of making Sailor Senshi fuku that I knew well-enough to steer well away from them. I managed to get away with twelve years of cosplay before finally making it, so I consider that pretty good! But I could not pass up such a fabulous group and event. All of my other team mates had sewn quite a few fuku before so I relied pretty heavily on them for advice; especially poor Sparkle Pipsi, who had to hold my hand through most of my whining. I had an absolutely amazing time with my Sailor Guardians at the con, though. I would do it all over again in a heart beat. And tell my past self to shut up and keep sewing. Wigs styling is not my best part of cosplay and I was on a bit of a time crunch to get this costume done so I commissioned the FABULOUS Chas to do it for me. She had it turned around and shipped back to me in just a few days. <3 The outfit is deceptively simple in that the directions are straight forward and the problem areas (namely setting in the two pointed seams) are really only made easier with experience. The fuku pattern is an altered version of Zan's pattern, which she sells on her website. The bows were made by Sparkle Pipsi, and the broach is made by Daydreamer Nessa. The glove rolls and skirt were made according to Sparkle Pipsi, Daydreamer Nessa, and NyuNyu's instructions and patterns. The satin for the skirt and the poplin for the bows were picked out and purchased by Daydreamer Nessa and Sparkle Pipsi respectively. The bodysuit material was white matte moleskin. The boots are Women's Victorian Ankle Boot by Fantasma that were painted with Jacquard's Neopaque paint.

Photos 1-18 credited to Darkain Multimedia and photo 19 credited to Filmshooter2017.


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