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The entire outfit was hand-patterned, which was a slightly frightening experience since I rarely don't use a pattern as a starting off point. The grey material is Swiss wool while the while and blue accents are cotton. I THOUGHT I knew what I was doing with my wig, but yet again, I vastly underestimated it and it ended up not looking at all what I wanted, but worked well enough, I suppose. Sadly, wigs seem to remain my weakest cosplay skill. When ACP put out the designs for Arcana Heart 3 for their gathering, I was instantly hooked as the designs were cute but powerful and somehow after eight years of cosplaying, I've never done a school girl outfit. I picked Kamui because she was one of the taller and more mature of the girls, and it was an outfit I could easily mix-and-match later with other wigs.

All photos credited to Everon.


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