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Getting ready for my second year at AX, a friend of mine asked if people wanted to get a group of FFVI characters together. I've only played the ten minute intro to the game, but I LOVE Kefka's design, not to mention Amano cosplay was all the craze and I was interested in seeing what I could do with one of his insane designs. Kefka's design was NOT made for real life and a huge portion of it was interpretation. But I enjoyed it and I had a blast with the group. An hour in make-up is not something I enjoy though. Kefka has won 1st Place and Best Group Presentation at Anime Expo 2006, along with Best Videogame Costume at Nan Desu Kan 2006, and Bet in Show at Anime Banzai 2009.

Photos 3 and 4 by Eurobest King, 5-8 by Consplayers.com, 9-12 by Digital Dreams Photography, and 13-14 by Asianschoolboy.com.


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