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Adekan is a little tricky because while Shiro and Anri have no shortage of beautiful, intricate designs, poor Kojiro usually just gets his uniform or something equally drab. Thankfully, if something so much as hints to a historical inspiration, I will take that and run with it as far as my creative legs can take me. The artwork is clearly referencing turn of the twentieth century uniforms, especially 1890-1905 Hussar style. This was when soutache and braided trims were used heavily and often. The trim used on the front, edges and sleeve was a tubular trim that never had a "wrong side" no matter how much you curls and manipulated it. It was pinned and then handsewn to most of the jacket pieces before they were sewn together. The back design was 3mm gold foil soutache that was formed, taped to the back jacket pieces and then hand-stitched down. All together, the jacket has about 220+ hours of handwork in it. The pattern itself was based on a historical uniform pattern from 1901 but altered to de-emphasize my hips. The cording was made with ten yards of the front trim that had gold rat tail threaded through the middle and then woven into the military style rope.

All photos credited to Angelwings.


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