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So, this is Yunie. Teca said something about how she hated the ruffles on this costume. Then whined whenever I asked her to write up costume descriptions. In all my wondrous glory, I've decided to troll her for this. :D

Photos 1-3 credited to LJinto, photos 4, 6-9, 14 credited to Chou-wa Photography, photo 5 credited to Gamerevx, photos 10-13 credited to Yumiki Snapshots, photo 15 credited to Dustin Leitzel, photo 16 credited to Darkain, photo 17 credited to Everon, photo 18 credited to WeNeal's Photography and Retouching, photos 19-20 credited to Kaguya, photos 21-25 credited to Sean's Photography, and photos 26-27 credited to Eurobeat Kasumi.


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