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I knew this was going to be a hall costume, so I wasn't nearly as picky as I am with my competition costumes. The only thing that I made was the cordouroy jacket. The pants were purchased, the striped shirt is a prison costume top over a black turtle neck. The dagger was something I owned that look sufficiently cheesey and the camera was a prop from the other Luigi. Ah yeah, another costume that I have been planning on for years but never really got around to finishing it. Luigi is my FAVORITE character from Elisabeth but he's not really a costume you can wear on your own. In fact, the running joke was counting how many times Elisabeth would get called Christine, Der Tod get called David Bowie and Luigi get called a mime (Elisabeth totally beat us hands down). For how easy this costume was, it is one of the most fun costumes I have ever worn, mostly because of the wonderful people I got to wear it with.


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