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Well this was my first cosplay, and it has a very, very special place in my heart. Even if certain parts now bug the hell out of me. Yunie had gotten me into the idea of cosplaying and when I found out that Mint would be cosplaying too, I set out over the winter break of 2001 to pick a costume to do. And I'm one of those losers who can't do anything the easy way, so I wanted something complicated. After finishing FFX, I was completely sold on doing Lulu. All the jewelry is handmade, and it is nearly impossible to walk in with those belts. >.< I've worn it to a lot of conventions though, and adored it, so I will definitely be redoing this costume now that I have a bit more experience. This costume has won the Video Game Hall Award at Nan Desu Kan 2002, Judge's Choice at MileHiCon 2002, Audience Favorite at Anime Oasis 2004, and Second Place in the Fantasy Division at Starfest 2004.


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