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This one I did completely because of a request from a friend. Mary's dream costume has been Aslan and apparently she's been talking about doing a Narnia group since before I knew her. This year, she finally decided to wrangle as many of her friends as she could together and finally do the group for Starfest '09. She asked me to do Peter, and while I briefly entertained illusions of grandeur by thinking about doing his armor, Mary saved me from my eventual suicide by asking me to do his simple traveling outfit. Which worked for me because I already owned a shirt, pants, boots and wig that would work for the outfit, leaving the overcoat the only thing I would have to make.

Of course that meant I was still sewing up to almost the last possible minute, but oh well. The brown overcoat is some kind of fuzzy, upholstery, nice burlapy fabric that was the closest match I could find to the actual aged velvet, which I was not going to do. I used an ancient Robin Hood pattern that my mother pulled out from her stash, and then just free-handed the embroidery on the left breast, although I don't think it shows up on any of the pictures.

In the end, I was a glorified window dressing for Mary's freaking LION, which I am completely okay with. The group did win Best in Show, but really, it was all the lion.


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