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This outfit was much easier than it looked. The cage crinoline is hoop boning, grosgrain ribbon and some math. The bodice is a lightly boned Vogue pattern in a silk dupioni because I knew I wasn't going to have time to make a true Victorian corset. Then it's just a lot of fake plants weaved through everything. Lilacwire wanted to do historical outfits based on Batman characters and I instantly knew I wanted to do Poison Ivy with a skirt made of plants. The more I researched about Victorian outfits, I learned that the trellis motif was very popular. From that, I decided to just do a cage crinoline without the bottom bag lining so that you could see through it and then use more plants for the neck line. The flowers and wig ended up matching perfectly, a happy act of serendipity.

Photo 1 credited to LJinto, photos 2-3 credited to Judith Stephens, photos 4-6 credited to Christa J. Newman Photography, photos 7-13 credited to Dustin Leitzel, photo 14 credited to The Westword, and photo 15 credited to Chiseled Light Photography.


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