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Even after knowing each other for years and sharing a bajillion fandoms, QunatumDestiny and I had never actually cosplayed together. When we were both going to KatsuCon 2015, we decided that the situation was BS and needed to be remedied immediately. She'd recently done several costumes from Ranma 1/2 and I've had Ryouga on my to-do list since I started cosplaying (I legitimately get lost in open closets, you can ask anyone who knows me). The costumes were simple enough that they wouldn't kill us and comfy enough to have fun in! Plus if you don't ship Ryouga and Ukyou, I don't what show were watching because it wasn't Ranma 1/2. Lucked out in finding the hideous gold of his shirt in a linen and just kind of made up the pattern as I went. The sleeve "cuffs" change length every other shot but I probably made mine a bit too long. OH WELL. I'd made the pants out of cotton years ago for a different costume. A little spray on a paper umbrella and everything else was pretty much bought off of online!

All photos credited to Shutter Crazy Photography.


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