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Before I left for my study abroad in Japan, my friends Makoto and Ringo (http://www.paper-wings.org) had asked me to do a costume set with them. We all shared a deep love of the Sunrise series Code Geass, and there was a set they wanted to do, but needed the two boys from the series. At first I said no, mostly because I had already done a gold and white coat and Suzaku wasn't my favorite character by a long shot (although I don't really dislike him... It's complicated, ask me later). But I thought about it for a while and finally agreed to do it, mostly because I hadn't yet had the opportunity to cosplay with either Makoto or Ringo, even after knowing them for several years. I managed to talk Ellome, another friend who I had never gotten the chance to cosplay with yet, into being Lelouch. Thus, the group was completed.

I'm a little ashamed to say that this has been my worst costume to date of being up to the wire to get it done. I had extreme counter-culture shock when I came back from Japan and had the motivation to do nothing. Along with that, I vastly underestimated how long everything in this outfit would take to make. I knew early on that I was going to have to get platform boots, because our Euphie is just a bit over six feet tall. Ello and I collaborated pretty heavily on what kinds of materials we were going to use since we wanted to be very different from each other. There are hidden little details all over this costume (the lining of the coat has fleur de lies since they are used for the royal family in Geass a few times), and the day of the competition, I literally had three other people helping me sew on buttons and snaps to get the costume done in time for the contest. Normally, I probably would have just said screw it, and just not competed. But Makoto and Ringo had been screwed out of winning several times before and I didn't want to add to that. With the help of my friends (Koi/Yunie, Mint and Kumi), it managed to get done just in time and we had an absolute blast.

Suzaku has won Best Craftsmanship in the Cosplay with the group and Best Cosplay with the group at Nan Desu Kan 2008.

Photos 1-10 credited to Idolatry Studios and photos 11-13 credited to Eurobeat King.


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