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I totally blame this one on Ringo and Makoto as well. I love Clamp, but I haven't gotten around to actually cosplaying anything from it. So when they showed me the art from the 3D boxes, I was sold. I didn't actually pick who I was going to do until they figured out when the group was going to actually happen. Animeland Wasabi was two weeks after Anime Oasis, so I didn't want anything complicated. One of the simpler designs was Syaoran from the eighth box (there are three versions of Syaoran in the set) and I could just use my Suzaku wig. The fact that he was dark green had nothing to do with it. Nothing at all... .

On top of it being a short time period anyway, I got really sick with con plague from AO. Thus Syaoran was made really last minute. Still, I'm rather happy with how he came out. Everyone in the group used fabrics from the Casa Collection at JoAnn so that we would match each other and still have a wide range of colors to chose from. The designs were patterned out using tissue paper and then applied to the white fabric using HeatNBond. Because Syaoran has a white rim to his designs, I also edged mine in bias tape. All in all, it became a really fun costume to wear along with being really comfortable. The pants are a pair of linen slacks I already owned.

Photos 1-5 by Eurobeat King and photos 6-18 by Idolatry Studios.


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