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Quantum Destiny and I really wanted to cosplay together again so she suggested Kuroko's Basketball. I actually haven't really watched any Sports anime but since I would never pass up a chance to cosplay with her, I agreed and blew through about 40+ episodes in three weeks. I'm still not sure if I will watch any other Sports series but I had so much fun cosplaying with QD and getting to make Genertic-Angry-Boy face in all my photos. I can't believe Target failed me so bad in the Men's Black Sweats department that I had to go to Walmart but I definitely ended up with the most comfortable pair of sweats I own. The hoodie was ordered on Amazon and the hamburger headphones were a gift from a friend during the "Everyone Buys Teca Hamburger Paraphernalia For Her Birthday & Christmas" year.

All photos credited to Alex Rose Photography.


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