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Armitage has always been a dream costume of mine since I got into anime, as Armitage III: Poly-Matrix was my first real anime outside of Sailor Moon. I loved how Armitage developed and was just such a strong lil' cyborg. I decided to make the McFarlane figure's costume as the ending is probably one of the best scenes. I ended up using stretch vinyl, spandex, and a ton of new techniques that I had never done before. The prop-work alone was all tough for me, to where my dad had to jump in and give me help on the backpack and gun. There's still some things here and there I need to fix, but overall, this is one of my proudest costumes to date!

Photos 1-7 credited to Darkain.com, photos 8-27 credited to Eurobeat King, photo 28 credited to Strawberry Lightning Photography, and photos 29-31 credited to WeNeal's Photography and Retouching.


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