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My friends over at Starnigh Industries were making Steampunk Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, so I decided to hop in on the group. I made the bolero, belt, choker, and the cowl. I've made repairs on the corset, cowl, and added a satchel to the belt. I'm excited to wear this again!

Photo 1 credited to AnomalyCon, photo 2 credited to A Stitch in Time, photo 3 credited to Lost Letters, photos 4 and 13 credited to Rich Spears, photos 5-6, 36 credited to Tehbunneh, photos 7-8 credited to Jeff Lawson, photo 9 credited to Kinomku Revolution, photo 10 credited to Westword, photos 11-12 credited to J. Mimna Photography, photos 14-15 credited to Brad Greager, photos 16-21 credited to Tofusnow Photography, and photos 22-35 credited to Aaron Haiduk Photography.


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