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This page is a place to check out Yunie's finished costumes!

Inara from Firefly Amalthea from The Last Unicorn Harley Quinn from Arkham City Psylocke from X-Men Catwoman from Batman Zatanna from DC Comics Ms. Marvel from Marvel Dark Phoenix from X-Men 

Human Demona from Gargoyles Malory Archer from Archer Black Widow from Marvel Mayumi from Shadow Hunters Poison Ivy from Batman Steampunk Catwoman from Batman Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth Bloody Mystery Trenchcoat Rei Hino from Sera Myu 

Light ni Adventure Rei Hino from Sera Myu Rei Hino Seifuku from Sera Myu Silver Millennium Mercury from Sailor Moon Sheldon from Big Bang Theory Christmas Hotaru from Sailor Moon Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon Phoenix from X-Men Bellydancer from Granado Espada 

Sailor Mercury from Sera Myu Armitage from Armitage III: Poly-Matrix Sakura from Fate/Stay Night Amano Rydia from Final Fantasy IV Tifa from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Ayumi Hamasaki from Rule Elegant Gothic Lolita Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion Luneth from Final Fantasy III 

Rosiel from Angel Sanctuary Shion Swimsuit from Xenosaga Queen Beryl from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon Original Kimono Top Mario from Super Mario Brothers Caren from Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Jade from Mortal Kombat II 

Misty Honey from Cutey Honey Cafe Girl from Angel's Song Pfil from Bondage Fairies Amano Esper Terra from Final Fantasy VI Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII Original Lolita Chocolate from Sorcerer Hunters Crowdia from Rhapsody 

Sailor Galaxia from Sailor Moon Amano Kuja from Final Fantasy IX Elektra from Elektra Ethereal Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon Lenne from Final Fantasy X-2 Oruha Swimsuit from Clover Sailor Moon from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Yellow Robot from Real Me 

Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII Trinity from the Animatrix Chun Li from Street Fighter Rosiel from Angel Sanctuary Venus Green from Venus 5 Silver Morning Musume Outfit Anthy from the Utena Movie Azusa from Devil Hunter Yohko 

The Mad Hatter from Angel Sanctuary Mistress 9 from Sailor Moon 

All characters (c) their rightful owners. All costumes (c) the members of Engi, please do not use pictures without permission.