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Rydia was a last-minute labor of love. When I discovered Etaru was making Rosa, I decided I wanted to see if I could pull off being a shrub! Let's start with the Rydia wig. I bought it from a Chinese store, believing it to be a forest green... and instead, it was teal. I hand-dyed it with Fabricmate markers, as that's worked extremely well for me in the past, and got it to the green I wanted. I attached the pink flower, adding some light pink rhinestones to it. Two of the three necklaces were made by Etaru, and the one with the large pendant to it was made by me. I used a variety of beads, crystals, and pearls. The bodysuit, gloves, and leggings were made for Jade, then altered for Rydia. The leggings have seed beads hand-stitched to them underneath the gold band. The gloves have the dark green draping added on with beads hand-stitched to the edges on the gloves to add more of a look and texture to them. The corset was my first one and I luuuurve it! I made it from a vine brocade, then attached the gold trim and beads on the trim all by hand. The cape on the bodysuit was trimmed, as it had a brown gradient on it. Then I sewed all the edges, put trim on the top and bottom of it, and attached beads to the bottom of the cape in the trim as well. The waistband and the loincloth were hand-patterned. The bead drapings were made and attached by hand. On the loincloth, the dark green was appliqued on, gold trim sewn on, and beads attached to the trim from there. The garters were also hand-made. Only thing I didn't make? The boots. I call them my hooker boots, as they have hideous leopard print on the inside of them.

Photos 1-4, 34-38 credited to Usagichan.com, photos 6, 8-13, 28, 40 by Darkain.com, photos 7, 14-16 by Idolatry Studios, photos 17-23 by Chris Menges, photos 24-26 by Eurobeat King, photo 27 by Sleepy, photos 29-33, 66 by LJinto, photo 39, 67 by Joseph Lin, photos 41-51 by BlizzardTerrak, photo 52 by DBDarkroom.com, photos 53-65 by Judith Stephens, and photos 68-97 credited to Shutterchance.


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